Concept & Design

Architectural Urban Planning

Architectural PlanningThe important objective of every urban planning is to develop good architecture. Good architecture, like a good musical score, offers possibilities for performance and continues pleasure. In our urban planning program, we explore concepts for planning virtual city views. In our design, we focus on defining the concept of a real space. In our work we enhance the idea of a new city environment by establishing a metaphorical connection between the architectural design and functionality of interior and exterior spaces, as well as between the landscaping and creation of an aesthetically pleasurable atmosphere for pedestrians. Additionally, we always include planning related to transportation and parking.

Stairs and other Design

StairwayStairs were always viewed by Paul Poloz as a single unified work of the interior design. He attempts to make the design of the stairway as a highly important piece of the house, making it contemporary, modern and unique, or sometimes traditional and elegant, depending on the style of the house.



Landscaping Design


Gardening is a form of artistic design that has developed over thousands of years. The principles of design are applied in a way in which the landscaping architect as an artist uses linguistic analogy to express an idea in a tangible and natural form. The grammar employed depends upon the style of gardening.



Residential Design


The architectural aim was to create a house that emerges from the earth, blending the site and landscape and from into an expression inspired by the unique conditions of this place and time.




Interior Design +

Interior Designl

Art, music and our living space are essential elements of our human life and experience. The selected design of interior space concept will affect our physical, mental and spiritual being.




Business & Entertainment


The Design of commercial, retail or entertainment space  is much more than simply a design. It is a snapshot in the process of design development and an essential part of these development is to create a powerful and unmistakable identity in a highly heterogeneous urban environment. .




Healthcare Design

Healthcare1The design of a medical office or healthcare/therapy treatment facility begins by gaining an understanding of how a system is likely to be used within a given environment and creating that system accordingly. Therefore, to create good designs requires unique knowledge and special research on how interior design affects physical, psychological, and behavioral experiences among facility occupants, e.g., patients, families, staff, and visitors.