Poloz Architects is a well-established and respected architectural firm operating regionally, nationally, and internationally. We separate ourselves by pushing the boundaries of design and sustainability through systematic and progressive thinking as we adhere to a more artistic and spiritual approach to architecture. We want to create surprising architecture that overtly defies conventional design and yet remains elegant as a form of art. We do not want to relate meaning to the design but try to create a new meaning within it. While acknowledging the surrounding environment, the structure’s purpose, and the developer’s needs, our designs strive to become visual statements as well as bridges between our physical world and the infinite imagination.

Our firm also unifies wants and needs with practical answers to create efficient, resource-smart, sustainable, and intelligent solutions. We commit to promoting the highest standards of environmentally sustainable buildings. PA is committed to promoting the highest standard of environmentally sustainable design that incorporates the elements of nature:

Solar thermal collectors
Thermal storage walls
Solar energy
Natural ventilation
Structures with exterior air space
Natural cooling systems
Buildings with the wind turbine systems

Systems of the collection of rainwater
Roof water sprinkling systems
Ground water and filtration systems
In-ground buildings

The Cause and Solution
Urban development in the 20th century has destroyed the natural environment as our cities plague the world with excessive pollution. These environments are not made for humans but machines, and PA is changing this epidemic through:

Focuses on environmental
sustainability, functionalit,
and imaginative appeal.
Forested street alleys and parks
Planted roofs with gardens
Urban organic farms
Children’s playgrounds



Having specialized in the urban planning and design of quality housing, mixed-use complex and commercial projects for over 15 years, Poloz Architects’ experience spans in architectural and conceptual design; building & site evaluation; facilities programming & planning; construction documents and specifications; interior and graphic design with multi-dimensional prospective to all of our work.

Interior Architecture
The cornerstone to our successful practice is that the principal architectural planning plays a hands-on design role on interior architecture. Interior space requires careful planning and facilities analysis, light and air flow, studies of people character, interests, life philosophy and believes.

Urban Design and Planning
PA provides a master planning and design; site analysis and feasibility studies, environmental analysis and urban landscaping design, transportation and parking planning.

Green BIM Design

PA is the first firm to develop environmentally sustainable solutions by incorporating Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the design process. Through the use of Revit, PA is able to create unique design concepts, structural diagrams, and efficient building systems that are sustainable and interconnected, all in one model. This service adds a new level of convenience for clients by saving them time through the instantaneous design revisions and continuous work-flow in architectural, urban, interior, and landscape design.

BIM for Facilities Management and As-Builts
PA extends it’s Building Information Modeling services to assist Facilities Management in their efforts to manage large as-built quantities of information that pertains to their facility operations. Through the use of 3D scanning, PA is able to generate 3D point clouds of entire as-built structures both inside and outside, then taking that information and modeling it in 3D using Revit from which plans, elevations, and sections could be extracted for space calculation and usage. Furthermore, PA assigns specific information to individual components in the model using the CSI format for warranties, owner manuals, and product information schedules. This is able to save facility management and the administration time and effort in locating and using valuable asbuilt information pertaining to their building.

BEM (Building Energy Modeling)
PA also offers a unique service in Thermal Scanning of buildings to analyze energy lose and efficiency. By scanning the building shell and interior structures PA is able to assess how energy efficient a building is and specifically where energy lose is occurring. PA is then able to generate solutions to the energy lose thereby saving the client money and energy, and allowing the client’s building to comply and exceed EPA regulation and standards.