First Assembly of God, Illinois


Project Details:

Site: 17+acres
Total area: 58,272 square feet
Total occupancy  1,600 seats
Cost:  $15,000,000.00
Estimated Completion: 2011
Client: Assembly Church

Paul N. Poloz desires to fascinate the visitors of the future church through the irrational designs of the large monumental forms. The composition of these forms seek to depict a festive air—the effervescence of life. They reflect an exploration for meaningful symbols and moods. This project also demonstrates that in the effort to integrate diverse and fearless architectural style, the architect may cause them to serve different purposes, either as the keynote of the composition or as a virtue of their sculptural and simplified figurativeness.

Whether one is fond of this erratic architecture or not, they have to admit that it attracts them either way. It draws their attention with either love or detest and it holds that attention nonetheless.
Although the interpretation of the design is left open, one has to acknowledge that with a constantly searching fantasy, in his design, Poloz sincerely promotes a lyrical spirit.

Design By: Paul N. Poloz