Silver Fund Medical Center, S. Chicago


Project Details:

Location: Chicago, Illinois
This redevelopment of a city block at the southeast site of downtown Chicago creates a striking new presence within one of the significant urban spaces.

The Board of Silver Fund has a desire to bring that project to the neighborhood as the environmental, cultural and aesthetic improvement. The building with one great atrium is separated into two blocks. Naturally ventilated offices can be also cooled by mechanical means such as fans. Nearly 11,000 sq. ft. of planted roof area that cools off the building in the summer time. The walls of the building are clad in anodized aluminum and glazed panels where they extend out from the concrete wall up to the roof. An extensive photovoltaic array is incorporated in the southern face of the upper glazed element, applied both as solid panels and as a laminated translucent film. The structure is also capable of supporting a rooftop wind turbine, while additional energy savings are represented by a geothermal heat pump system.

The building of Silver Fund Medical Center is one of the cornerstones project in PA design practices. This $24 million facility is designed to complement 123,400 square feet of space that include a atrium, medical offices, research laboratories, and parking garage.
Four-story atrium brings everything in this building together literally and figuratively. The atrium serves as a unating and gathering place. It
provides an inviting space to visitors, pations, doctors, and other medical personals. This building is defined by its flexibility and organization.
More than 25 units modules can be changed as necessary to accommodate evolving medical treatments and health services or research needs for the next 50 years.

Architectural Data:

Name: Silver Fund Medical Building
Location: South Shore Drive, Chicago, IL USA
Main function: Medical Building
Developer: Silver Fund Corp.
Site area: 31,600 sq.ft.
Building area: 27,000 sq.ft.
Total floor area with garage parking: 123,400 sq.ft.
Structure:  Concrete & steel-frame construction
Completion: 2011

Designed by: Paul N. Poloz
Rendering: Vladimir Bulakh
Design Team: Ivan Zabolotski
Structural Engineer: A.C. Alexander, Ltd.